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Heads in beds and players on the courses. Pinehurst has a steeped history that naturally draws people from all over the world. With more and more competition in this field, they have done a great job of adding to and refreshing what they have to draw those in. A re-done course 4, a new brewery, a re-done Thistle Dhu putting course, as well as a 9-hole short course called The Cradle. Tie all of these together to highlight the new, and remember the past.

Showcase all that is now Pinehurst. Use influencers to broaden reach, canvas the local market within drive distance, and continually run ads to those in premium colder climates via social for booking and engagement.

In 2018, Pinehurst had its 3rd best booking year in history. 


Pinehurst insta story_No4.jpg
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